Getting to the Heart of the Wedding Ceremony

Many couples planning their upcoming wedding ceremonies include the people who are dearest to them when possible.  After all, titles like best man, maid of honor tell us there’s a special bond between the person playing that role and the couple getting hitched.   It’s not unusual for family members to end up playing a major role in the wedding, from the planning, to the decision on the dress, to what will be served at the reception.  They might even have a say about where the couple will spend their honeymoon and pay for some of the expenses.


Now we’re seeing another treasured family member taking part in wedding ceremonies, and that’s the family dog.  If you think about it, in some cases, the family pet has grown up with the bride or groom, has been there through tough times, or has been a source of unconditional love for years.  It’s natural to want to include a family pet into a ceremony as important as a wedding, but is it wise?  Some experts would argue that even though your pet may have played an important role in your life, it’s best not to include them in the actual ceremony if they don’t have the personality to feel comfortable around strangers or large crowds.  You don’t want to delay portions of your biggest day because your furry baby has decided to go off exploring when you need him for photos.  It would be better to take photos ahead of time, and show him/her off on the place cards, for example, or on the thank you cards you mail out after the wedding.

But savvy couples who insist on having the pet who stole their heart and has remained a best friend at the wedding or in the wedding might even choose the venue where they can easily be included.

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